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Binge Eating Disorder Treatment

Women dealing with binge eating disorder eat large quantities of food during a short amount of time, often eating very quickly. Women with binge eating disorder may skip breakfast and eat much larger meals for lunch and dinner. Often, binge eaters will also eat meals late at night that consist mostly of sweets and carbohydrates. Women struggling with binge eating disorder use the manipulation of food through binge eating as a self-soothing mechanism or as a distraction from the fears and emotions in their lives that they find overwhelming. When dealing with binge eating, women may discuss following strict diets but not be able to stop the binge eating episodes without help. Binge eating disorder cannot be overcome simply by will power and having binge eating disorder is not a sign of weakness or a character flaw. In most cases, professional treatment is needed for women with binge eating disorder to recover. Above all, know that recovery from binge eating disorder is possible.

At Center For Discovery Fairfield, we provide residential treatment for adult women struggling with eating disorders. Our eating disorder treatment program mixes traditional inpatient therapies with the creative and personalized therapeutic interventions that provide the best possible care for our residents. Our team understands that while the symptoms of binge eating disorder are similar in most cases, the underlying emotional factors that contributed to the development of binge eating are unique to every woman. To affect emotional and behavioral growth the right environment is needed and at Center For Discovery Fairfield we provide the therapeutic environment that women need and deserve to affect that growth.

The eating disorder treatment program at Center For Discovery Fairfield offers women a safe place to identify and address the issues that led to the development of binge eating disorder. Our program is dedicated solely to the treatment of women with eating disorders including binge eating disorder. Center For Discovery Fairfield is a home-like setting with a low resident to staff ratio, providing a familiar and intimate treatment setting that fosters trust, connection and growth. Each member of our treatment team is passionate about helping women with eating disorders and dedicated to the successful recovery of all of our residents. The supportive environment at Center For Discovery Fairfield encourages residents to examine the issues related to their eating disorder that they are dealing with. Our goal is to help women with binge eating disorder regain a healthy life, learn how to effectively deal with their issues and develop the tools to live a full and meaningful life.