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Adult Bulimia Nervosa Treatment

When struggling with bulimia, individuals consume large amounts of food and then purge. Purging behavior can include vomiting, fasting, over-exercising, or using diuretics or laxatives. Bulimia affects both male and female adults. Bulimics often diet strictly and may visit the restroom during or immediately following meals. Adults with bulimia often become more and more secretive and exhibit mood swings and oppositional behavior. Bulimia affects both the body and the mind of bulimics and many adults with bulimia may also suffer from other conditions, including major depression.

Getting help for bulimia is important. Without treatment, the cycle of bulimia may lead to long-term health problems. Bulimia is one of the most common eating disorders and having bulimia is not a sign of weakness or a character flaw. People with bulimia use the manipulation of food, including purging behavior, to soothe themselves and distract them from the overwhelming emotions and fear in their lives. Food may give them a feeling of comfort, followed by eating too much which makes them feel out of control. After eating too much, bulimics often feel shame or guilt as well as fear of gaining weight.

Bulimia treatment at Center For Discovery Fairfield centers on providing our residents with an intensive, therapeutic atmosphere to address both, emotional and behavioral growth. The signs and symptoms of bulimia, including preoccupation with exercise, overuse of laxatives or diuretics, sneaking or hiding food and frequent weight change, may be similar in many cases. While these signs and symptoms may be similar, the underlying emotional factors that contributed to the development of the bulimia are different for every child, adolescent and teen. Understanding this difference is important to the treatment process and long term recovery. At Center For Discovery Fairfield, we combine creative, personalized interventions with traditional therapeutic approaches to provide cutting edge, high quality treatment for adolescents and teens with bulimia.

Residential treatment offers a safe and secure place where adults with bulimia can identify and explore the issues that contributed to the development of bulimia. At Center For Discovery Fairfield, treatment is provided in a home-like setting within a residential neighborhood, providing familiar surroundings for our residents and easing the transition between home and residential treatment. We provide the supportive, structured and nurturing atmosphere to help residents address the issues underlying their bulimia.