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Clinical Program

For nearly 20 years, Center For Discovery has set a new standard in residential treatment options for eating disorder clients.  These programs foster an emphasis on:

  • DBT informed (Dialectical behavior therapy)
  • CBT (Cognitive behavior therapy)
  • Depth process orientation
  • Family integration
  • Recovery protection tools
  • Intuitive eating principles

All of Center For Discovery’s programs are designed to support the age specific recovery needs of the clients. Treatment plans are personalized and customized and communication with referring professionals is routine and prioritized for seamless transitions. To keep clients inspired and fully engaged, the treatment experience also includes a series of comprehensive group sessions throughout each week to support recovery protection. 

Key program elements include:

  • Family program weekly
  • DBT group sessions
  • CBT group sessions
  • Individual and Family therapy
  • Shame resilience groups
  • Body acceptance groups
  • Expressive arts therapies
  • Mindful movement
  • Transforming trauma grounding tools
  • Food science education
  • Intuitive eating practices
  • Customized ERP (exposure response prevention) dietary program
  • Weekly accountability checks
  • Discharge planning sessions
  • Nightly grounding tools
  • Recovery protection techniques

Clients and families are empowered with tools, education, and process along their journey to healing and lifelong recovery. The Discovery Difference is evident in the treatment experience with the safe and soulful environment provided by our multidisciplinary teams.