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Dietary Program

The Dietary Program at Center For Discovery is customized to meet each individual's recovery needs with three stages of dietary support with varying levels of structure. The three stages consist of Exchanges, Guidelines, and Intuitive Eating. The program Registered Dietitian assesses each individual's unique needs to assign the appropriate level of structure. The "All Foods Fit" dietary philosophy is modified into a "practical application of recovery tools" approach with food.

Utilizing an Exposure-Response-Prevention (ERP) therapeutic technique, our outpatient programs support clients with preparing their own recovery meals conducive to meet their body's nutritional needs. Therapeutic Restaurant Meals, Therapeutic Family Meals, and Fun Food Outings, and Grocery Store Experiences support a healthy relationship with food. Additionally, clients are supported during the process of healing their relationship with food in a caring and compassionate environment leading to empowerment and healing.