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Discovery Difference

Center For Discovery Fairfield is a home-like setting where women dealing with eating disorders can begin the path to recovery in a positive and supportive culture. We provide treatment to a smaller number of women which allows for an intimate treatment setting and a low resident to staff ratio. This setting also lets treatment be personalized for each of our residents, an important factor in successful treatment. Our small treatment setting increases the likelihood of participation in group therapy and does not provide room for residents to avoid participating actively in treatment. By having a low resident to staff ratio, therapy assignments can be individualized and specific for each resident. Personalized treatment plans let treatment focus on the issues of each resident, using the therapeutic approaches that are most effective for them. Residential treatment at Center For Discovery Fairfield includes a higher number of therapy sessions, including family therapy sessions, than most other treatment settings. Treatment is provided in the more familiar environment of a residential neighborhood which also promotes greater transferability and internalization of the skills and knowledge, learned at Center For Discovery, to life after treatment.

We believe that a combination of individual therapy, group therapy, family therapy and practical skills is necessary to provide the education and therapeutic change that leads to long term recovery. Our treatment model is family focused with family members involved in therapy sessions and as a support system for the recovery of their loved one. One of the cornerstones of the Center For Discovery treatment program is the therapeutic family meal. During a therapeutic family meal, a resident will sit down with her family, therapist and dietitian. The therapist and dietitian then provide a therapy session with individualized family coaching to address family dynamics and provide a blueprint for what should happen with meals once the resident returns home. Our program is specialized and proven. Our process is backed by a legacy of successful treatment outcomes over 20 years long. Center For Discovery is the leader in eating disorder residential treatment. 

Therapeutic Approaches

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy
Exposure Response Prevention
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
Emotion Regulation
Communication Skills
Emotion Management

Skills and Knowledge

Meal Planning
Hands-On Kitchen Skills
Basic Food Groups
Blending Spices
Benefits of Nutrients
Kitchen Health & Safety

At Center For Discovery Fairfield, we provide residential treatment to help women struggling with eating disorders as a primary diagnosis. Our proprietary treatment process focuses on treating the issues underlying the eating disorder as well as treating the eating disorder behavior itself. Center For Discovery Fairfield is licensed by the state of Connecticut and is accredited by the Joint Commission. Joint Commission accreditation is a nationally recognized symbol of our commitment to the highest treatment and performance standards. Center For Discovery Fairfield is contracted with most insurance companies and many of our residents are referred by professionals in the medical community.