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Eating Disorder Treatment Schedule

At Center for Discovery Fairfield, we are able to provide more therapeutic services for women struggling with eating disorders than any other residential treatment center. Our specialized and comprehensive treatment program includes individual therapy sessions, family therapy sessions, group therapy sessions, nutrition education and hands-on food preparation training. Every resident at Center For Discovery receives a personalized treatment plan that is tailored to fit their individual situation and needs. This treatment plan includes a customized combination of education, therapy and medical consultation. Weekly treatment schedules at Center for Discovery Fairfield include:

  • Four private therapy sessions (individual and/or with family)
    •  Medical assessment (if needed)
    •  Psychiatric Consultation
    •  Individual nutrition session
    •  Therapeutic groups including:
  • Hands-on food exposure
    •  Nutritional education
    •  Dialectical behavioral therapy
    •  Body image group
    •  Creative arts therapy
    •  Recreational activities
    •  Movement therapy
    •  Communication skills training
    •  Self-calming skills
    •  Exercise support and Yoga
    •  Relapse prevention group
    •  Continuing care and discharge planning
    •  12 step support groups to address any substance abuse issues