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Family Involvement

At Center For Discovery Fairfield, one of our main goals it to foster the recovery process of our residents by educating their families about eating disorders. Our team can assist families, providing knowledge and guidance, so the recovery of the resident can be supported. Family involvement is an important part in the treatment process. Our treatment program is centered on the family, involving family members in therapeutic treatment as well as having family provide a primary source of support for their loved one. Research has shown that family involvement in treatment is a critical factor in the successful outcome of that treatment. We understand the necessity of providing family therapy for all family members who have the best interest of the resident at heart and will support her through the recovery process. Family therapy is the preferred way to provide eating disorder education, encouragement and empathy. Family therapy is also a great way to encourage ideas on how residents can help the resident and their family. In our over 20 year history of providing specialized eating disorder treatment, our experience is that families with professional support throughout the recovery process, can improve their family relationships and create an environment that promotes the successful recovery of their loved one.

At Center For Discovery Fairfield, we design our treatment program so each of our residents is able to identify and safely contemplate the development of their eating disorder with the support of their family during the exploration process. It is important that everyone understands the extremely complex interactions of the emotional factors that contributed to the development of the eating disorder. We strongly advocate that all members of the family participate in the weekly family therapy sessions and therapeutic family activities, including the therapeutic family meal. A therapeutic family meal involves the resident sitting down to a meal with her family, her therapist and her dietitian. During this meal, the therapist and dietitian are able to provide personalized family coaching to develop a plan for what needs to happen at meals after residential treatment. To support the long term recovery of the resident, family members are advised on the environmental changes needed to foster recovery. At Center For Discovery Fairfield, we focus on promoting family interaction and social support to provide a foundation to support long term recovery.