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Family Program

At Center For Discovery, we strongly value family and loved ones being involved in treatment. At our Residential Programs, we provide the opportunity for our families and loved ones to be involved in the recovery process two to three times per week. This includes our Comprehensive Family Program, Family Therapy, and our Loved Ones Support in Recovery Group. The Comprehensive Family Program provides Family Systems Psycho-education, weekly Therapeutic Family Meal, and weekly Multifamily Process Group with the ultimate goal of achieving healthy communication and integration of the client into the home environment. The free and confidential weekly Support in Recovery Group is another opportunity for families to support their loved ones as they embark upon through their journey of recovery.

Family is a crucial part of the recovery process. In fact, family therapy is a collaborative process in which the therapist aligns with the family as a whole in order to guide, educate, and instill hope. By teaching clients and their families about effective communication, individuation, and healthy emotional boundaries, families can create the space to repair strained relationships and decrease co-dependency and enmeshment. The collaborative exploration process between the therapist and the client enables families to understand the origins of an eating disorder, and the subsequent healing process. Families are also given concrete tools to utilize in order to effectively support their struggling loved ones.