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Our Adult Eating Disorder Treatment Program

Center For Discovery Fairfield is a residential treatment center helping women with eating disorders as a primary diagnosis. Our goal is to help women recovery by strategically interrupting eating disorder behavior while providing effective therapeutic interventions to support long term recovery. At Center For Discovery, we individualize treatment for each of our residents in order to address their specific situation and needs. We maintain a low resident to staff ratio to ensure the treatment setting is intimate to foster trust, connection and growth.

Eating disorders are naturally compulsive and have their origin in a multitude of factors. Above all, recovery is possible. Our mission is to provide effective and intensive therapeutic treatment for women with eating disorders. Treatment is provided in a home-like setting within a residential neighborhood in Fairfield, Connecticut. The environment is safe and nurturing and provides a place where women and their families can be comforted throughout the eating disorder treatment process. At Center For Discovery Fairfield, the four foundations to eating disorder treatment are dietary, medical, psychiatric and psychological. These foundations overlap and support each other in creating a comprehensive treatment experience that each of our residents needs and deserves. Using our validated eating disorder treatment program, we help women identify and address the effects of their disordered eating.

Eating disorder treatment at Center For Discovery Fairfield follows a five phase system. The progressive phases are based on personal growth and emphasize the developmental nature of eating disorders and eating disorder recovery. Residents advance through the phases as they show a higher recovery motivation and more personal responsibility with regard to improved physical health, social skills and nutrition habits. Many of our residents have experience gaining acceptance through performance so at Center For Discovery Fairfield we place the emphasis on the woman not the performance. The phases are a critical part of our treatment philosophy. Every woman begins residential treatment with their own set of issues emotionally, physically and psychologically. Women that are more eager to integrate the skills and knowledge learned during eating disorder treatment are more likely to stay in treatment and succeed in the process of recovery.

If you or a loved one is struggling with an eating disorder, know that recovery is possible. At Center For Discovery, we can help and we have been helping women with eating disorders successfully for nearly 20 years. As a nationally recognized leader in eating disorder treatment, we are experienced at helping women identify the eating disorder cycle and the emotional factors that are underlying the eating disorder. If you or your family are in crisis, or for more information about eating disorder treatment and Center For Discovery Fairfield, please call us today at 866.482.3876