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Our Eating Disorder Treatment Process

Center For Discovery is dedicated to helping women with eating disorders recovery successfully. For nearly 20 years, we have been successfully helping women with eating disorders and throughout that time we have gained a legacy of success. These successful treatment outcomes have come through our proprietary treatment process. Eating disorder treatment at Center for Discovery Fairfield is centered on family. Family members are encouraged to take part in family therapy sessions and therapeutic family events and provide a close support system for the recovery of their loved one. One of the foundations of our treatment program is the therapeutic family meal. During a therapeutic family meal, a resident, her family, her dietitian and her therapist sit down to a meal where a therapy session takes place. The therapist and dietitian are then able to provide personalized family coaching that addresses the specific issues and concerns of the family. The therapeutic family meal provides a model of how meals should be treated after treatment at Center For Discovery Fairfield.

In addition to therapeutic family meals and therapeutic family events, eating disorder treatment at Center For Discovery Fairfield includes a minimum of three individual therapy sessions and a number of group therapy sessions each week. On average, more than 40 group therapy sessions are provided each week including groups on body image, kitchen skills, relaxation techniques, communication skills, life skills, coping skills and relapse prevention. Our kitchen skills group helps women with everything from nutritional education and meal planning to grocery shopping and food preparation. At Center For Discovery, we believe in an ‘all foods fit approach’ with no foods labeled as ‘bad’ by definition. The all foods fit approach allows women to decide what they want to eat, helping them learn that all foods are fine to eat as long as it is in moderation and balance. At Center For Discovery Fairfield a personalized treatment plan is developed for each resident to provide the best therapeutic interventions to address their specific situation and issues. The practical skills, including kitchen skills, learned at Center For Discovery Fairfield help our residents become more familiar and comfortable with food and the kitchen, helping reduce the anxiety associated with food. Center For Discovery Fairfield is a home-like setting within a residential neighborhood, allowing the skills and knowledge learned in treatment transfer more easily to life after residential treatment. Our structured and nurturing environment provides the therapeutic atmosphere for you and your family to feel welcome while we support you throughout the treatment process.